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In our life, everything is very interesting. For example, we know that the speed of light is 299,792,458 ± 1.2 m / s. However, we may not know that our neighbors have adopted children. Both of these facts may not have any impact on the lives of each of us. But if an orphan child is adopted, it can later play an important role in the development of all mankind. For example, Steve Jobs: thanks to the fact that his adoptive parents invested in him, he became a legend. Not necessarily every adopted child will open an Apple-scale business, however, human happiness is worth a lot. The charitable foundation "Arifmetika dobra", which I represent, helps one and a half thousand foster families. Thanks to such support from 2015 to 2018, 313 children were adopted into families. Great, right? However, the most difficult thing begins after the child is adopted in the family: mutual addiction, work with injuries ... Psychological specialists of the foundation every day help parents and children to find mutual understanding. Let's help these families who have made such a difficult, but conscious decision - have become adoptive parents. They help orphans, and we will help them. Together we will be able to raise funds to pay for the 14 consultations that these people need so much - 42,000 rubles. For blood children, this is an opportunity to understand the decision of their parents and accept new brothers and sisters. Advice to adopting children will help them adapt to new conditions for themselves - living in a family outside the orphanage. Adults - to throw off the load of doubts that tear them and remain loving parents for all their children. Together with you I will take an active part in fundraising. At the end of each month from March to September, I will make a charitable donation in the amount of 1,000 rubles. In addition, I will run 10 km or more in preparation for the marathon and post a report about it on my Facebook and Instagram pages @ kirkalinichev In support of adoptive families and as a token of gratitude for your help, on September 22, a run of 42.2 km at the Moscow Marathon. I really hope that such a move will attract the attention of as many people as possible to the problems faced by foster families. I am sure that together we can help those who need support!

Run for orphans. 42,2 km Moscow Marathon Event: Absolute Moscow Marathon
I’ve been running for 8 years, just for myself, I’m so relaxing. The last couple of years I began to take part in races, first to test myself, then it became just nice to collect medals and T-shirts, today as a student at an eco-school, I want to make my hobby not only environmentally friendly, and not pollute the environment with the contents of the standard “starter pack”, but and I want the run to motivate others and help. He once helped me to get out of depression. When registering for the race, I saw information about the Arithmetic of Good fund. I studied the information, looked at the wards and realized that this is exactly what I personally believe in, this is the format of assistance. Fund employees do not just transfer money somewhere for something, they clearly invest in the most important thing in education. At one time, my mother did a lot for me to study where I wanted, to go where I wanted and I consider myself a 100% happy person, if only because I had a person nearby who believed in me and who was so helped me in a way. I read the story of Ulyana and I want to help her. I believe that everyone has the right to get a chance to be better than their parents, to study wherever you want, to live where you want, to be where you think is necessary. I know thousands of people who had opportunities, but never took advantage of them, I really want the story of Ulyana to have a different shape. To become a little happier, in fact, quite a bit is missing and I really want her to succeed. I hope that I will be able to collect at least part of the missing amount.
I'm running for Ulyana Z. Event: April race. Moscow Marathon

On September 22, 2019, I will run the Moscow Marathon in support of the Chance program of the Charity Fund "Arithmetics of Good", to pay a year of classes with tutors for Madina, who is being brought up in an orphanage in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Many go to orphanages with gifts on holidays, but such visits are more harmful than helpful to children who need regular adult support, motivation to study and the opportunity to believe in themselves and get a profession of their dreams! Therefore, the Arithmetics of Good Fund helps orphans from various orphanages in Russia to receive the help of tutors. Madina was put in the orphanage at 10 years of age. Today she is finishing 8th grade and is dreaming of becoming a nurse. She has some difficulties with math. Yet she tries to be wherever additional skills and knowledge can be obtained, never skips classes, is very proactive and always does her homework. But additional support and the ability to process the material individually are critical for Madina. I am sure that despite her fate she can succeed in life if we support her now and give her the opportunity to learn. One lesson with a tutor for Madina is just 690 rubles. In order for Madina to receive all the necessary lessons this year, we need to collect another 36,400 rubles. For the sake of this, with your support, I will run this tough distance. More information about the Chance program can be found here:

Running the Moscow Marathon for the sake of Madina's future. Event: Absolute Moscow Marathon

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Замечательный мужик! Славный город Геленджик!

Вышло интервью с нашим героем Дмитрием Мурашкиным! Ссылки в социальных сетях: 

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Fb -арифметика-добра/замечательный-мужик-славный-город-геленджик/803047793226189/

 Поддержите и вы этого замечательного человека, друзья:

25 520 р.
Собрал Дмитрий Мурашкин ради того, чтобы дети-сироты нашли родителей! Цель - 100 000 рублей.
"Арифметика добра" на платформе "Сделай!"

Друзья, после периода затишья мы рады снова приветствовать вас!

И приглашаем присоединиться к сообществу людей, бегающих в поддержку детей-сирот. 

Ваше участие необходимо, чтобы: 
 - Дети, которые сейчас живут в детских домах и интернатах, нашли родителей 
 - Старшеклассники из детских домов сдали экзамены, поступили в вузы и колледжи
 - Каждый выпускник мог выйти во взрослую жизнь с уверенностью 

 По всем вопросам пишите Татьяне 

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Итоги нашей работы за октябрь 2016 года

В октябре фонд «Арифметика добра» отметил первый год со дня запуска программы дистанционного обучения для детей‑сирот «Шанс». Кроме того, выпускники второго потока Школы приемных родителей «Формула семьи» благотворительного фонда «Арифметика добра» успешно завершили курс и получили свидетельства о прохождении подготовки к приему ребенка в семью. А также эксперты фонда приняли участие на Всероссийском форуме приемных семей с 9 по 12 октября в Сочи и 20-21 октября на Архангельском форуме приемных родителей.

Богатый на события октябрь принес нам отличные количественные показатели — смотрите результаты в иллюстрациях!

Пробеги Московский марафон в поддержку детей-сирот!

25 сентября состоится главное беговое мероприятие столицы - "Московский марафон", участие в котором примут 30 000 бегунов! Регистрация на марафон уже закрыта, но вы можете приобрести слот (билет) на Марафон за пожертвование у официального благотворительного партнера Московского марафона - благотворительного фонда "Арифметика добра"! Вся сумма пожертвования (дистанция 10 км - от 2000 рублей, 42,2-от 3000 рублей) пойдет на программа дистанционного обучения детей-сирот "ШАНС".

Напоминаем, что для участия в забеге необходима справка установленного образца из медицинского учреждения!

Подробнее об участии в забеге и приобретении слота за пожертвование вы можете узнать, написав на почту Сергею Королеву (тел.8-495-99576-43, доб.219)

30 000
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  • Certificate of state registration of a legal entity.
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  • Certificate of Registration of a Non-Profit Organization.
  • Charitable program of the Charitable Foundation for the calendar year in which this Agreement is concluded.
In some cases, an NPO can function on the basis of a general provisions on organizations of this type.

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