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Arctic swim without equipment for the visually impaired girl 2 vision groups
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My Arctic swim, accompanied by volunteer leader Rozhkov Alexander, without a wetsuit, will be held in the team of extreme swimmers in Teriberskaya Bay. The organizer of the swim This is the second race, in preparation for the trip around the world, a person with disabilities in the northern latitudes. I want to devote a charity swim to the Sports for Life fund for the support of the visually impaired! The fund is engaged in the search, training and motivation of disabled athletes, providing equipment and technical means, take care of all the costs. They help to believe in themselves and achieve high results! At the moment, I am independently preparing for the Arctic swim in Tomsk. Since adaptive sports for the blind are not developed, in our city. An entrant of the TSU magistracy in the study of Siberia and the Arctic, I get acquainted with the route, people to attract in the future to the team for World Travel in the Northern Latitudes, with a disabled girl.

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Мы добавили 1 новую фотографию. Посмотрите в фотогалерее!


From 4 to 8 December 2019 in Tyumen will host the Second world Cup in winter swimming. I set a goal to pass 9 heats - from 25 meters to 450 meters, in General, the distance will be 1 kilometer. I will participate in the race among able-bodied swimmers. Paracletos will be 8 people. We all swim without wetsuits in an open lake. The lake area will be cleared of ice. The estimated air temperature is below 25 degrees below zero, the water temperature is +3 degrees.The competition will be held on lake Prushinskoi the river Tour. I'm a visually impaired athlete. Knowing how difficult it is for people with health problems to overcome themselves, and circumstances, and play sports. And even more so to go to the competition. Behind each para-athlete there is a team of initiative not indifferent people! In Russia there is a charity Fund "Sport for Life", which for many years helps people with disabilities-blind, deaf-blind, with cerebral palsy and amputations-to play sports: running, swimming, triathlon. Thanks to the Foundation, the most ordinary people, not professional athletes, gain faith in themselves, change their lives for the better. And even become heroes-winners! Each year sports competitions are becoming more paracletos - thanks to the Foundation! With the support of the Foundation this summer I also took part in the first Russian paratriathlon Championship in our country in the framework of IRONSTAR competitions. I dedicate my swim to the Sport for Life Foundation and its wards. I want mass Amateur sports to become truly accessible, so that each of us can play sports without encountering obstacles, but with support. Thanks to our help, the Foundation will be able to support new and new people with health problems who dream of running, swimming, pedaling. Each of us has the right to dream, set goals and win! Support my Action! Your every donation, any amount, is another step of the Foundation and its wards to

The December swim in the framework of the World Cup in winter swimming - in support of the Sport for Life fundraisers! Event: Own reason
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