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Event: Promsvyazbank Moscow Marathon
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Всем спорт!

IRONSTAR - done! Марафон - done! Внутри потрясающее ощущение, посещающее всякий раз, когда цели достигнуты. Перевели дух в финишном городке, и двигаемся дальше, друзья. Нас ждут великие дела!

Подопечные "Спорта для жизни" добрались до Сочи и высыпаются перед завтрашним испытанием. Мы провели финальную тренировку и завтра летим в Москву. Завтра мы все ждём новостей из Сочи и болеем за ребят! В воскресенье мы пробежим марафон. Самой важной цели мы уже добились. Осталось красиво завершить эту историю :)

Hi! My name is Sojko Yana. Pay attention to this post! After the heavy loss of a loved one, to distract myself about grief and sadness, I started running. Running to just run and not think about anything. Now I want to overcome myself and run my first marathon and run with thoughts about people who really need our help! The idea of ​​my action is to draw attention to "Babies-Bubbles". Charity fund "Bela. Children-Butterflies "unique in Russia is engaged in comprehensive systemic help to children with a rare genetic disease - bullous epidermolysis (BE). Throughout the world, these children are called "butterflies." Their skin is so fragile and vulnerable that it is compared to a butterfly's wing. Any careless touch can cause the child pain and leave an unhealed wound. BE is currently incurable. But timely diagnosed and proper care with the use of special dressings can save the child from suffering and provide him with a normal life. One of the main tasks of the foundation is to establish a system of medical care for patients with BE in Russia. Butterfly children can lead a full life. This is not easy, but achievable! Every ruble is so important to these families, since caring for these kids does not allow mothers to work, and medicines are so expensive that few people have enough money. At the end of the month you do not remember where to spend 1000 - another ruble, but believe me !!! - for families in which the SPECIAL child grows - this is a significant help! Let's do good deeds together!
Everything is surmountable when you have a goal! Event: Promsvyazbank Moscow Marathon

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ИНН 7726350600 КПП 772601001
р/с 40702810902980000634 в АО "Альфа-Банк" г. Москва
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