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Soon June 1 - Children's Day. The day when all come together to help children, in order to bring them joy and protect them from pain. I urge us all to unite and help raise funds for the children - the wards of the Children's Homes fund, because despite the difficult time, they still need help and support! A little over a week is left before the Children's Day, and this is a great time to be together. The hashtag #DoDay for Kids allows you to choose what you like. Conduct a training session in favor of the children in the zoom or instagram, cook a beautiful breakfast every day, have a live broadcast with an interesting person, tie a cute toy or run a marathon on the balcony? Great, after all! And also - to attract your friends to participate in a flash mob with you or transfer any amount to the fund.

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В нам присоединился волейболист Алексей Спиридонов

К нам присоединился Чемпион Европы среди молодёжных команд, Победитель Мировой лиги, чемпион Европы, серебряный призёр Всемирного Кубка чемпионов, чемпион России, обладатель Кубка России, обладатель Суперкубка России, победитель Лиги чемпионов, финалист Кубка, финалист клубного чемпионата мира, участник Матчей звёзд России по волейболу Алексей Спиридонов.

Друзья фонда раздавали маски людям на улицах

Возле м.Полежаевская друзья фонда приняли участие в акции #делаюдлядетей , раздавая маски жителям города.

Friends drown their gas pedals for children from orphanages who need our help !!! I have known the girls from the Detsky Domiki fund for 12 years. They somehow arrived in my hometown and were looking for a photographer to report to one large European company that decided to give playgrounds and vehicles to all the orphanages in the Tula region. So in the world it is customary to enter the market. I responded to their request to find a volunteer photographer. We traveled with about 30 orphanages with the foundation. I was completely horrified at how these houses look for frequent. Before our acquaintance, I saw only those orphanages that were in the city itself, as it turned out most often these are distributors, where the child spends the first time, and then, if he does not pretend to become someone or behaves inappropriately, then he is taken to the children’s house. In the one that is not in the city. All these years I have been following the life of the DetskieDomiki foundation, and I want to say this is a huge work and a huge deal, to which few people today are interested. We are shown on TV that everything is fine, everything works, everything is arranged, but in fact the children do not have playgrounds, goods stores, or other things that are common for us. I declare my monthly schedule: 25km of running a week for a total of 100 km a month! I’m running and I urge you to run for people with a big heart. For the founder, Svetlana Rozanova, and all the employees of the Children's Homes Foundation that have ever worked. For the guys who don’t have a family, but for that, these guys have us and Baby Houses! Who is with me!?!?
Challenge 25/7 We run 25 km per week and 100 per month! push on the gas with us Event: Own reason

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