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Lyubov Kulikova: "I am running in support of Anton!"
Event: Absolute Moscow Marathon
  • Fund project: "Близкие люди". Антон Н., 2014 г.р.
  • Проект завершен! Все собранные после завершения проекта средства, будут распределены фондом на другие проекты.
"I have never been and will never be a great runner. My level is average, if not mediocre. But it does not matter. For me it is much more important to know that today I am a little, but still surpassed myself yesterday." (c) Haruki Murakami. I’m running in support of Anton! "This is the best son in the whole world, and I can not imagine our life without him," writes Oksana's mom about her adoptive son Anton. It is difficult to imagine what would have happened if the boy had not been taken to the family. The fact that Anton had health problems, his mother realized right away. Now he is 4 years old, and he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hearing loss of 4 degrees, they did cochlear implantation. In the Antosh family, he learned to crawl “like a frog,” he made a speech. The boy does not walk yet, but his parents do not lose hope that someday Anton will independently take his first steps. Doctors say that it is already necessary to start trying to get up and walk with support and recommended that parents purchase a walker worth 157,500 rubles. It is very difficult for a family to collect such an amount along with other expenses. Please help raise funds for the walker for Antosha. Learn more about Anton on the foundation's website: View more >>
44 000
50 000
  • Marusich Elena Nikolaevna,
    1 000
  • Incognito,
    5 000
  • Incognito,
    3 000
  • TTA,
    2 000
  • Macneva Evgeniya Gennadyevna,
    3 000
  • Incognito,
    2 000
  • Avdonina Tatyyana ,
    3 000
  • Irina ,
    От 3Б Класса Международной английской школы • • •
    20 000
  • Incognito,
    Ольга Владимировна, Вы большая молодец • • •
    5 000

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ООО «Доброе Дело» Местонахождение и почтовый адрес: 117525, г. Москва, ул.Днепропетровская, д.3, корп. 5, 1 этаж, пом.III, ком. 6, офис 2 ОГРН 1157746776087 от 24.08.15
ИНН 7726350600 КПП 772601001
р/с 40702810902980000634 в АО "Альфа-Банк" г. Москва
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БИК 044525593
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