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I plan to plant so many trees in order to end up with a whole forest ecosystem. Recently, I saw a post about a married couple who in 20 years had turned the stony plain into a real forest. I am impressed with their example and now I clearly understand that only with my own two hands can I achieve the same success. I want to make our planet better and I’m sure I can do it.

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Traveler Peter Zozulya will make a single motocross, the length of more than 8 thousand kilometers. The goal is to attract public attention to the snow leopard (snow leopard) and collect 350 thousand rubles to protect this unique animal listed in the Red Book. Charitable project "Alive snow leopard: mototravel for good on the edge of the earth" encourages travelers and all not indifferent to support Peter in this mission. The journey on the motorcycle Honda Shadow will take place from August 7 to August 28, 2018. Peter Zozulya will travel through five countries: Russia, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Latvia. The total length of the route is more than eight thousand kilometers, while the complexity of the route consists in unpredictability of weather conditions and lack of escort. The temperature on the route will range from -10 ° C to + 30 ° C. In summer, warm weather with a bright sun can be replaced at any time by low clouds and severe precipitation with a stormy, piercing wind. For hundreds of kilometers, the motorcyclist must be in a state of maximum concentration, after a ride, ensure a reliable night's lodging and food, and the motorcycle - technical care. During the trip, Peter will share photos, videos and stories about his adventures in the harsh northern countries, specific movement on a motorcycle, cooking, wild overnight spending in the open air and communication with people from different cultures. Underwater route: Moscow - Yaroslavl - Onega Lake - White Sea - Apatity - Murmansk - Teriberka (tour) - North Cape - Lofoten Islands - Trondheim - Bergen - Kierag - Troll language - Stockholm - Riga - Moscow. The journey is conceived by the famous ultramarathon to attract attention to the snow leopard or snow leopard, still remains one of the most poorly studied species of felines on Earth. Irbis is strictly protected not only in our country, but also in all 12 countries where it lives: Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Bhutan. According to the results of the wildlife fund's (WWF) expertise, there are no more than four thousand snow leopards on the planet, and in Russia there are no more than 90 of them. Charitable project "Alive snow leopard: motor trips for good on the edge of the earth" organizes Peter Zozuli's company - RestartYOU. Part of the profits from Peter's travels are already transferred to WWF's conservation projects and charitable funds. For example, in 2017, Zozulya made a charity run for 360 kilometers from Anapa in Sochi through the mountains of the Krasnodar Territory and alone reached the summit of Elbrus. As a result of sponsorship and partnership support, the Children's Fund "Syndrome of Love" collected more than 600 thousand rubles. Who supports the project? Partners and sponsors of the race are companies and private individuals. - Trading House Continent Building with Konoshima brand is the main sponsor, - NAMOS REAL ESTATE - Sponsor for accommodation, - Rich-Game trainings - sponsor for nutrition, - Russian AutoMotoclub (RAMK) is a partner, - TENTORIUM® is a partner, - Natalia Lipets - sponsor, - Anatoly Torokhov is a partner. All funds collected under the "Live Jeep" project are directly transferred to WWF. They will go to one of the priority activities of the fund - the organization of anti-poaching activities. Financing of the traveler from donations is not made, all travel costs are borne by Peter and the sponsors of the project. At the same time the marathoner hopes for the non-indulgence of nature defenders, travelers and barter assistance of the project partners. Petro Zozulya calls to support a charity moto travel of 8 thousand kilometers along a complex route and help in protecting rare snow leopards: "Our task is to do everything possible to preserve the diversity and beauty of the wild nature. Returning to the mountains, to the ocean or to the taiga from our cities, we return home. Our actions lay the right attitude of our children to life in harmony with the animal and vegetable world of the planet. This year we want to help one of the most beautiful and mysterious of its inhabitants - the snow leopard. I believe that you will support me. " Yours faithfully, Peter Zozulya +7 (926) 205-54-44 Project website:
"LIVING IRBIS": motor trips for good on the edge of the earth Event: Own reason

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